Philanthropic Adventures in Geneva

Philanthropic Adventures started last June in Geneva. With a group of young Adventurers we went through the 3 steps to get to know more about Philanthropy. During the second session we had the amazing opportunity to meet 3 great social actors who took their time to share their passion. Yann Borgstedt who founded The Womanity Foundation talked about how and why he started his own philanthropic adventure and how his foundation helps woman around the world to fight for their rights. Keyvan Ghavami, founder of Act on Your Future, taught us a lot about Human Rights and how his foundation acts. Finally, Tenke Zoltani discussed how today you can invest your money differently by doing impact on social and/or environmental issues.

A special thanks to VickyH and his team to host our workshops.

Stay tuned for the next one!

How to become a Philanthropic Adventurer!

Last Saturday, we had our first workshop “Meet Philanthropy” to understand a little bit more about Philanthropy and how to act.

fullsizerender-4I was amazed to see how much the kids had to share in terms of experiences and opinions about Philanthropy.

We discussed a lot about why Philanthropy is so important.

The kids also learned that when it comes to Philanthropy it is essential to define your cause and your resources, to get informed on the cause you care about and to make a plan before acting.

We are ready for our next step “Become an Explorer” and learning on how research is an important step into one’s Philanthropic Adventure.