About us


We are all part of a GLOBAL COMMUNITY connected at all levels and facing similar issues. A lot of people are taking action to create a better world. The next generation need to know that they can be part of it, act effectively and bring change. Giving may require knowledge and skills.

At Philanthropic Adventures, we believe that everybody should have access to those skills and therefore be active members of the solutions. A Philanthropic Adventure is an opportunity to explore, travel the world, meet people that ignite passion in one heart, share ideas, learn, and collaborate. Gaining a better understanding of what our Global Community need. It contributes to what makes us humans.

Philanthropic Adventures is a Swiss registered non-profit association. It offers an educational program for young people to find information, inspiration and support to take action for social and environmental issues they care about.

Philanthropic Adventures aims to democratise the concept of philanthropy and help young people define their engagement and bring change.

Exploring with ❤️ since 2016.