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We really enjoyed our workshop with Tatiana yesterday. She is a real Green Adventurer and she really knows a lot about Environment. Philanthropy is also about sharing your experience and your passion with others, and we can see that Tatiana is really passionate about what she does.

We learnt a lot about the Ghaf tree and reforestation:

  • The Ghaf is the UAE national tree
  • It helps fight climate change and desertification
  • It only needs 500ml per day of water.
  • When you do reforestation it is not any tree it has to be a local tree
  • A local tree is a treasure box for its environment. It provides resources and habitat for a variety of native fauna and flora.

You can find more specific facts about the Ghaf tree here

img_8882 img_8900 img_8930 img_8961 img_8962


Keep exploring!
Try to find out more infos on why trees are so important for us and our planet?

Get going!
If you love trees and you think that reforestation is a good start to protect our planet you can collaborate with Give a Ghaf, Tree planting program.

  • Engage your class or school.
  • Raise awareness about the Ghaf and how it helps fight climate change and desertification.
  • Organise a tree planting at school.
  • Ask your school to plant Ghaf trees within the school.

For more informations visit the website

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