How it works?

Information and inspiration are a big part of the philanthropic engagement process. At Philanthropic Adventures, we offer an opportunity to get to know more about philanthropy and how it works, to deepen knowledge on specific issues through Workshops, and interact with experts through Talks and Inspirational Visits. We offer Adventurous Workshops for young people aged 11 to 16. To give them the tools, the opportunities and the inspiration to act.

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To keep exploring, a Lab Station is open for the kids, along with friends or family, to develop their ideas into projects

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Philanthropic Adventures is not only about learning and exploring but also about sharing. Once you become a Philanthropic Adventurer you are part of our Community with an opportunity to learn more, share your passion with others and stay in touch with our global network of experts, social entrepreneurs, and non-profits organisations acting in the field of social and environmental issues you care about.

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