Our Programs

Information and inspiration are a big part of the philanthropic engagement process. At Philanthropic Adventures, we offer an opportunity to Take Action and Explore Philanthropy. To understand how it works, to deepen knowledge on specific issues, to interact with experts through Talks and Inspirational Visits. 

We offer Adventurous Workshops for young people aged 10 to 18 to give them the tools, the opportunities and the inspiration to act.

Philan-What?! Workshop

10-14 years old – 3 sessions

An opportunity to take action for a cause your kid cares about by contributing to the efforts of one of our NGO partners while getting a better understanding of what Philanthropy is.

Step into the shoes Workshop

14-18 years old – 5 sessions

An opportunity to explore the mission and the activities of one of our NGO partners and to contribute to their efforts by taking action.

Lab station

10-18 years old

A space to meet a social minded community. Find ressources. Find support for an action. Meet Philanthropy. Events to inspire.

Youth Program Design for NGOs

An opportunity for NGOs to expand their community and inspire young philanthropists.

School Program

We offer Workshop packages that are tailor made both in content and duration to the schools requirements and needs.