Lets Talk about Peace ☮️

We worked closely with B8 of Hope‘s team to design this 5-sessions workshop which is part of our Step into the shoes Program aimed for kids aged 15-18 years old.


> Discovering the mission and the activities of B8 of Hope

> Contributing to the efforts of B8 of Hope by taking action

> Exploring the world of Philanthropy by getting the tools and the inspiration needed to take action

> Building a community of young volunteers and ambassadors to support B8 of Hope mission

Workshop Design

> Step 1 (1 session) Create a team of peers to support the efforts of B8ofHope. Meet B8ofHope to get a better understanding of their mission and Explore Peace Building in the Middle East through activities and group discussions.

> Step 2 (2 sessions) Meet a grassroots peace initiative, the Jerusalem Youth Chorus, to understand how they act for Peace. Presentation by the JYC of 3 projects to be evaluated by the team.

> Step 3 (2 sessions) Start with a fundraising module to get the tools needed to lead a fundraising campaign to support one of the projects. Organise a fundraising event.

Key learnings

> Introduction on how to lead a fundraising campaign

> Introduction on how to evaluate projects

> Social awareness, Critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills

“Philanthropic Adventures was a great partner for us
and an important ally in our mission
to educate younger generations for peace.
Philanthropy is not only about giving money it is also about giving your time and spreading a message. B8 of Hope and Philanthropic Adventures are very much in agreement in this approach and share many essential values.
We are so thrilled to have such an amazing partner!
What we love about Philanthropic Adventures is its philosophy and its ethics and last but not least their inspiring motto: “Because giving back and giving well is an adventure full of discovery and emotions.”

Mehra Rimer – B8 of Hope Co-Founder