Civitas Maxima

Civitas Maxima is a Geneva-based organization that provides a coordinated network of international lawyers and investigators to pursue justice through facilitating the documentation of international crimes and seeking redress.

Together with our Monrovia-based sister organization, the Global Justice and Research Project, we represent approximately 500 victims and have collected thousands of testimonies in Liberia. In recognition of the various struggles Liberians face , we created “The Liberian Quest for Justice (LQ4J)” in 2017, a campaign that aims to raise awareness and informed debate on criminal accountability. LQ4J engages in the fight against impunity through an accessible and unbiased discussion around cases of alleged war criminals and creative narratives through cartoons, videos, and independent journalistic reporting.

Civitas Maxima is looking to build upon this momentum in innovative ways to continue this discussion focused on justice in national and international civil societies.