Meet Rob Greenfield!

Yesterday we had the amazing opportunity to listen to Rob Greenfield. Rob is an Adventurer, Environmentalist Activist and Humanitarian for a sustainable and just world 🌍💚


“His simple and minimalist adventures have catalyzed his desire to create positive change and inspire our society to be a part of the solution.”

Rob’s campaigns “have taken the USA to the bottom of grocery store dumpsters, across the United States on a bamboo bicycle, surviving on the drips of water from leaky fire hydrants, and sleeping on the streets of San Diego.”

Sharing his journey with people makes it more clear and feasible for each one of us, one step at a time. Follow his adventures to get inspired and take action 💪🏻👊🏻

You can follow him on his website /Instagram/Facebook and Twitter

He also has a youtube channel!


Philanthropic Adventures in Geneva

Philanthropic Adventures started last June in Geneva. With a group of young Adventurers we went through the 3 steps to get to know more about Philanthropy. During the second session we had the amazing opportunity to meet 3 great social actors who took their time to share their passion. Yann Borgstedt who founded The Womanity Foundation talked about how and why he started his own philanthropic adventure and how his foundation helps woman around the world to fight for their rights. Keyvan Ghavami, founder of Act on Your Future, taught us a lot about Human Rights and how his foundation acts. Finally, Tenke Zoltani discussed how today you can invest your money differently by doing impact on social and/or environmental issues.

A special thanks to VickyH and his team to host our workshops.

Stay tuned for the next one!

Become an Explorer



Thanks to Dr. Ounsi from Eedama We really had a great time at The Sustainable City last Saturday.

img_9138Strolling around an eco-friendly neighbourhood was a very interesting experience.

We’ve learned that we have to change ou way to consume energy. Sorting and recycling are not the best solutions but thinking before consuming or buying will be more helpful for us and our planet. Switching off the lights, carpooling for school, eating local food, and many more useful habits to have.

We have to save energy if we want natural resources to last.

fullsizerender-3There are two kind of solar panels. Photovoltaic for electricity and Thermal for heating water.

We have to consider the environment and the climate we live in while building a house or a neighbourhood.

In a eco-friendly neighbourhood everything has to be in a walking distance: supermarket, school, or medical center.

The  peak of the tour was for us to build our very own Solar Oven. A clean energy heating our food!

img_9136  fullsizerender-5  fullsizerender-2

Keep Exploring!

#createyourworld #becomeanexplorer




Philanthropic Adventurer Words

Why is it important to research when it comes to Philanthropy ?

It is important because you can learn new facts about your cause , you can see if there are websites that already exist about your cause , see what is the problem with your cause and see if you can change it , you can compare and contrast with the different websites that you find, and you can research about different organisation and go see where and how they act. That is why it is important to research when it comes to Philanthropy.

-Giulia (10 years old)

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Become an Explorer

We really enjoyed our workshop with Tatiana yesterday. She is a real Green Adventurer and she really knows a lot about Environment. Philanthropy is also about sharing your experience and your passion with others, and we can see that Tatiana is really passionate about what she does.

We learnt a lot about the Ghaf tree and reforestation:

  • The Ghaf is the UAE national tree
  • It helps fight climate change and desertification
  • It only needs 500ml per day of water.
  • When you do reforestation it is not any tree it has to be a local tree
  • A local tree is a treasure box for its environment. It provides resources and habitat for a variety of native fauna and flora.

You can find more specific facts about the Ghaf tree here

img_8882 img_8900 img_8930 img_8961 img_8962


Keep exploring!
Try to find out more infos on why trees are so important for us and our planet?

Get going!
If you love trees and you think that reforestation is a good start to protect our planet you can collaborate with Give a Ghaf, Tree planting program.

  • Engage your class or school.
  • Raise awareness about the Ghaf and how it helps fight climate change and desertification.
  • Organise a tree planting at school.
  • Ask your school to plant Ghaf trees within the school.

For more informations visit the website

#createyourworld #becomeanexplorer



Meet Experts!

In our “Become an Explorer” workshops, Philanthropic Adventures offers kids the opportunity to meet experts and learn more about practical solutions that already exist.

img_8838Our first expert is Tatiana. She is a Green Adventurer and she knows a lot about environment.

In 2008 she launched Goumbook, the main reference on green practices for environmentally conscious people and businesses across the UAE and the Gulf region.


“Give a Ghaf” is one of her initiative, a tree planting program in Dubai to raise public awareness about the Ghaf and its values while encouraging people to plant indigenous trees and raising awareness on water scarcity.

We can’t wait to see what she has to share with us.



Become an Explorer

To help you defining your cause we created the Big Five areas filled with resources, news, facts, solutions, and active organisations to get informed and inspired.

education                human-rights            health

pig-work            nature


How to become a Philanthropic Adventurer!

Last Saturday, we had our first workshop “Meet Philanthropy” to understand a little bit more about Philanthropy and how to act.

fullsizerender-4I was amazed to see how much the kids had to share in terms of experiences and opinions about Philanthropy.

We discussed a lot about why Philanthropy is so important.

The kids also learned that when it comes to Philanthropy it is essential to define your cause and your resources, to get informed on the cause you care about and to make a plan before acting.

We are ready for our next step “Become an Explorer” and learning on how research is an important step into one’s Philanthropic Adventure.


Welcome Adventurers!

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We are all part of a GLOBAL COMMUNITY connected at all levels and facing similar issues. A lot of people are taking action to create a better world. Kids need to know that they can be part of it, act effectively and bring change. Giving may require knowledge and skills.

At Philanthropic Adventures, we believe that kids should have access to those skills and therefore be active members of the solutions. A Philanthropic Adventure is an opportunity to explore, travel the world, meet people that ignite passion in one heart, share ideas, learn, and collaborate. Gaining a better understanding of what our Global Community need. It contributes to what makes us humans.

#GiveBack #GiveWell