Act on Your Future

Act on your Future is a Swiss non-profit organisation based in Geneva. Founded in 2014 by  a team of three young philanthropists.

Their Vision is to contribute to changing attitudes by elevating human rights values and putting them at the heart of one’s concerns.

Their Mission is  to offer an innovative platform to critically engage the younger generation (students, young professionals, business leaders, next generation of family enterprises), our partner institutions and the public at large in a variety of activities that advance human rights worldwide.

What are their objectives?

Raise awareness among the younger generation about current human rights issues and provide access to quality resources and information.

Empower the younger generation by providing concrete opportunities for engagement with leading organizations and initiatives that promote human rights.

How do they act?

Through Education, Art and cultural exchange.

  • Human Rights Photography Prize Since 2015, the Human Rights Photography Prize is awarded each year to a student or alumnus of an art school for the quality and originality of his/her photography project covering a topic related to current human rights issues.


  •  Human Rights Watch Prize is organized in partnership with the École Moser of Geneva and Nyon, the campus of La Châtaigneraie of the International School of Geneva and the non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch. This distinction offered since 2014 is awarded each year to a last year student of the Geneva area. The prize rewards the excellence of the end-of-year paper relating to the thematic of human rights for the quality of the topic, the issues and possible solutions proposed, as well as for the author’s enthusiasm and interests demonstrated for the cause.


  • Cultural mediation offers various interactive workshops and pedagogic presentations to raise awareness through art about human rights to a diverse audience in the Geneva region. Interactive workshop for refugees

In collaboration with Les Hybrides, an association from Lausanne,  they managed to organise an interactive workshop for unaccompanied minor asylum-seekers around photography, as a means of artistic expression. The aim of this common project was to offer these young people an opportunity of expression on their daily life and their main interests, while also enabling them to develop their creativity. Click here for more informations.


If you are interested in any of their activities you can contact them directly: